Services we offer at Scarborough Veterinary Surgery

Our professional team of veterinarians and veterinary nurses provides treatment, health care services and advice for dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets and their owners in Scarborough, Redcliffe and the surrounding areas, including Newport, Margate, Woody Point, Clontarf, Kippa-Ring, Rothwell, Deception Bay, Mango Hill and North Lakes.

Our comprehensive veterinary surgery facilities allow us to diagnose and treat many common injuries, illnesses and conditions. We cater to pets at all life stages with services from our weekly puppy training classes to our geriatric care program for senior pets.

Before your visit, you can download and fill out our Pet Health Checklist to ensure your pet gets the most out of their consultation.

Consultations and general health checks

During a consultation we will examine your pet and carry out testing for suspected medical or surgical conditions. We are able to carry out a wide range of exams, tests and therapies to diagnose and treat your pet.

We also provide general health checks for dogs and cats, including puppy and kitten health checks and pre-purchase examinations, as well as senior dog and cat checks.

Vaccinations and parasite prevention

Vaccinations are a vital way of protecting your dog or cat from a range of common diseases. We also recommend heartworm injections to protect your dog year-round from heartworm, which is spread by mosquitoes.

We vaccinate cats for F3 (which covers both types of cat flu and feline panleukopenia) or F3+FIV (which also covers feline AIDS).

We vaccinate dogs for C5 (which covers parvovirus, distemper, heptatitis, parainfluenza and kennel cough/bordatella). We can also give your dog an annual heartworm injection for your dog that protects them for a full year.

If you need advice on protecting your pets from fleas, ticks, worms and other nasties, our experienced and highly trained nurses are available to help you choose the right product and answer any of your questions.


All dogs and cats in Queensland born after 10 April 2009 must be microchipped by an authorised implanter before they are sold or given away.

All regulated dogs must be microchipped regardless of when they were born. Regulated dogs are restricted dog breeds according to the Customs Act or declared dangerous and menacing dogs.

Scarborough Veterinary Surgery is an AVA Accredited Microchip Centre. Microchipping your pet enables permanent identification of your pets in accordance with State Government requirements.


We provide a range of medical diagnostics for dogs and cats.

Our in-house laboratory gives us fast results on blood testing, basic cytology (for cancer diagnosis), urine and faecal analysis and skin scrapes. If your animal’s condition is more complex, we also employ the services of an external veterinary pathology service that offers full comprehensive testing.

Our on-site X-ray imaging (radiology) facilities allow us to promptly diagnose many conditions, from bone fractures to internal obstructions. Our veterinary nurses have undergone additional training in carrying out X-ray procedures.

We are able to carry out genetic testing for breed identification purposes and can pre-screen breeding animals for genetic diseases.

Surgical procedures

We are able to carry out general surgery for dogs and cats, including desexing (spay and neuter) surgery.

We operate on many routine conditions and can also carry out more technical orthopaedic surgery, including patellar luxations and cruciate surgery.

Before your pet has surgery, we carry out a comprehensive pre-anaesthetic assessment, including blood testing is highly recommended for all other pets undergoing surgery. All pets are supported during anaesthesia with IV fluids and we continuously assess their comfort levels and provide pain relief, both pre-surgery and post-operatively.

Your pet’s condition is monitored with sophisticated monitoring equipment including breathing monitors, heart rate monitor and blood-oxygen monitor (pulse oximeter).

A dedicated surgical nurse is assigned to every case. All animals receive a complimentary post-operative check-up following their procedure.


We are equipped to provide a wide variety of dental services, from routine scaling and polishing to the treatment of periodontal disease and complicated tooth extractions.

If your pet requires more extensive restoration services, such as crown reductions and root canals, we can provide a referral to a veterinary dental specialist in your local area.  


Programs and clinics

We offer a range of services, checks and tailored programs for pets with special needs.

  • Dermatology – consultations and skin checks
  • Geriatric Program – care for your ageing pet
  • Weight Management Plans – specifically tailored weight management plans to help your obese or overweight pet get back into shape
  • Arthritis Support Program – checks and ongoing management for arthritic pets with painful joints
  • Puppy Preschool and Animal Behaviour Consults – to socialise your pet and prevent problem behaviours


Payment plans

We have a range of payment plans available including VetPay, zipPay and zipMoney to help make the costs of your pet’s care more affordable.


Pharmacy and vet-only products

We have a fully stocked pharmacy of prescription medications at the surgery.

We also stock prescription cat and dog food diets and prescription shampoos and conditioners, which are only available through veterinarians. Our friendly team can help you find the right product for your pet and advise you on its correct use.


Hydrobathing and grooming

Hydrobathing is available for pets with special needs such as skin problems, ear infections or arthritis. This is carried out in our heated hydrobath by our experienced nurses. We use veterinary recommended shampoos for dogs with sensitive skin.

Dog and cat grooming services are available – call us to make a booking. Cat clips are available with sedation or anaesthesia for a stress-free grooming experience. We also provide nail trims and anal gland expression.

If you need grooming products, we can advise you on the best type of brushes and combs to buy for your cat or dog.


Specialist referrals

Through Scarborough Vet Surgery we can refer you to local veterinarians who specialise in areas such as dentistry, cardiology, orthopaedic surgery and acupuncture.


Pet food and supplies

You can shop for a range of pet care supplies at our surgery including a full range of flea control, worming and heartworm medications. Premium and maintenance dog and cat foods are also available to suit the specific life stage of your pet (puppy, kitten, adult or senior).

We also sell pet collars, leashes, muzzles and harnesses and grooming products including shampoos and conditioners, ear cleaners, brushes and combs. Please call us on 3203 4095 for pricing or if you would like us to order anything in for you.


Cat boarding

We can board cats at our surgery from Mondays to Fridays only. Please call us on 3203 4095 for availability or to make a booking.

If you are looking for pet boarding options in our local area, we recommend the following services:


Pet Health Checklist

Download our pet health checklist before your visit so your pet can get the most out of their consultation.

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