Puppy Preschool

Enrolling your puppy in puppy preschool is crucial for nurturing them into well-behaved canine companions! Our in-clinic trainers will assist you in addressing key aspects of puppy behavior while collaboratively laying the groundwork for a fulfilling and enduring bond with your dog.

Puppy Preschool: Building Bonds, Shaping Behaviors!

puppy preschool at scarborough

Scarborough Veterinary Surgery runs puppy training classes in Redcliffe every week. Much like human babies, puppies are highly impressionable in the first few months of their lives and their experiences up to 16 weeks of age can have a big influence on their behaviour as an adult dog.


puppy preschool at scarborough


We assist your puppy in becoming well-socialised with various humans and dogs, fostering positive experiences to boost their confidence. Through a range of safe and friendly encounters, we provide them with valuable experiences, ensuring they are happy and well-adjusted when accompanying you outdoors.

puppy preschool at scarborough

Positive Reinforcement​

Puppy pre-school is a family affair, emphasizing the importance of your new puppy responding positively to all members of the household. In your puppy's eyes, your family is their pack! Children enjoy joining in and learning how to teach the puppy, fostering a sense of responsibility and involvement. This short-term commitment from you and your family ensures a lifetime of joy with your new dog.

puppy preschool at scarborough

Health Management​

We provide guidance on maintaining your dog's health, offering tips for engaging play and exercise routines, along with essential training in basic first aid for your dog. Our sessions cover vaccinations and various healthcare options crucial for your puppy's well-being. Importantly, we equip you with knowledge on identifying early signs of illness, empowering you to seek professional assistance promptly when needed.

Want to join a class?

Contact the clinic for further details on Puppy Pre-School or to register your interest on the waiting list. You can do so as soon as you’ve secured your puppy – even before bringing them home!