Scarborough Veterinary Surgery - Puppy Pre-School

  Puppy Pre-School Classes at Scarborough Vet Surgery

Scarborough Veterinary Surgery runs puppy training classes in Redcliffe every week. Much like human babies, puppies are highly impressionable in the first few months of their lives and their experiences up to 16 weeks of age can have a big influence on their behaviour as an adult dog.

Our Puppy Pre-School classes are held in the evenings and each course runs for 3 weeks, with lots of goodies for you and your pup! To attend, your puppy must be aged 6 to 14 weeks old and have had their first vaccination.

For dates and times of upcoming classes, follow us on Facebook.

For more information about Puppy Preschool, to book a consult for a vaccination or to enrol your puppy in the course, please call us on 07 3203 4095.

Scarborough Veterinary Surgery - Puppy Pre School Redcliffe

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